When designing tiny homes, we have an in-house motto that we go by…”Every Inch Counts.”

We notice while building the bathroom in our homes that even a 36″ full-sized shower felt a big snug. Why? Because each walls comes in several inches to make for built-in shelves and storage compartments. We weren’t happy about this since taking a nice hot shower without feeling cramped we feel is super important.

So after a lot of shopping around and looking for the right material, we decided on a new PVC materials that runs flat along the walls.

The result? Several inches of additional shower space on each side of the shower making things like shaving legs MUCH easier.

BONUS, it looks way better.

What our tiny house showers looked like before. Notice the interior or the shower took up valuable shower space.

Here’s a quick video we put together that gives you an idea of what the new, upgraded showers look like!

Want us to build your tiny house? Click here to see the models we currently offer!

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